educator. writer. editor. photographer. dreamer. designer. treasure hunter. mountains. beach. city. all images ©️ Brooklyn Muse

A True Story.

First Snowfall 2021 © Brooklyn Muse

and then I found among the trees

beyond the sky and forest a

crafted home with style and grace

designed amidst the tranquil trail.

eagles floated swiftly above

flying gently on the breeze with

grace, I just knew this was my calling.

home in the woods was…

Doors — Asbury Park NJ © Brooklyn Muse

Life Before -Life After.

It is both easy and difficult to walk this planet. I often think back on the veil before life here. I remember “the before” in bits and puzzle pieces. Random rememberings and notions of spirits. Faded memories that are truly real.

The literal gravity of human…

View of Heaven — © Brooklyn Muse

“Rust results from a reaction called oxidation, in which iron reacts with water and oxygen to form hydrated iron (III) oxide. Essentially, the metal is naturally returning to its unrefined state.” Nov 24, 2020 ( bjus)

Another birthay — celebration of my life on earth this time around.

Truth be…

If not why not?

Asbury Park NJ © Brooklyn Muse

Learning through exploration assists us in breaking through barriers of individual fear, anxiety, and confidence. It negates previous known concepts.

It is who we are as inquisitive human beings.

Ferdinand Magellan proved the world was round on September 6, 1522.

Need I say more about that concept?

The Crusades inspired…

Lavender farm © Brooklyn Muse

Randomly my Jeep lead

me to a winding country road

high up in the mountains as

I wept for love lost.

Death does that all times,

not just some times.

Salt tears flooded my face

like the rainstorm

that raged inside my soul.

I was headed nowhere and



Brooklyn Muse

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